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Baselinemag. com is a site which has been put in place to ideally serve as a guide on various aspects of technology. That is, it manages and disseminates critical information on technology. This information is usually in form of news stories, research studies, financial tools and company dossiers.As such, the site is structured in a formal format which can allow users of the site to gather all the information they need, perform analysis and make decisions on how to utilize the information in advancing their individual IT companies.Considering that the site is targeted at IT executives, the sites sub topics include a range of IT subjects such as IT management, techdirect, projects and white papers (Baseline, 2010). Furthermore, the subtopics which fall under these categories can be observed throughout the site making it easy for site users to access the exact information they are looking for immediately the site uploads. Basically, the site is structured in such a way that one uses limited time trying to access data, a notion which appeals to the targeted audience.Overall Look and Feel Baselinemag. com targets technology and business leaders who are constantly on the lookout for cutting edge information on technology and on effective ways of managing their companies. As such, the site displays IT systems which have been implemented by other companies, how they have been implemented and the results emanating from them. This sort of information enlightens the users who measure their own success or failures against the expected results.By knowing how the most successful companies utilize IT solutions, companies are able to restructure their systems and alter their management strategies into fitting those of a winning company. All this information is spread out over a white colored background, with topics and subtopics highlighted by orange, brown and blue colors. These colors create a serene environment, depicting calmness which allows the user to fully concentrate on the information without any interruptions. The number of images is limited in the site and this gives the information greater significance.However, the site may not appeal to them as there are no catchy images. Useful Features The feature I found most useful was the stories posted on how to get promoted and on finding jobs online. These stories had no forms of jargon and have been written in a simple language to appeal to ordinary individuals seeking to advance in their careers. Majority of users are employees who are looking to get ahead in their careers, this feature can offer crucial information to ensure that they achieve this. Interesting Features Links visited included www.diskeeper. com, www. insight. com and www. smarttechnology. com. The link sponsored by smart technology was rather interesting as it carried the article on “the techie’s guide to fitness. ” It offered a convenient and easy way of monitoring one’s fitness goals even while working. The gadget can indeed send significant details on one’s fitness directly to their phones or computer. Furthermore, Bottom-line Evaluation and Relation to Learning Objectives Basically, this site is of great value to business leaders and IT executives.However, its values decline in regards to ordinary people due to the irrelevance of the topic and subtopics found on the site. As pointed out earlier, only one or two features are relevant to best custom writing an ordinary individual. According to Lagace (2000), value is depicted by a customer when the service delivery is effective. As such, the satisfaction of business leaders and executives is what can ideally rate this site while those stumbling on it can only speculate or even find it insignificant.Hoffman (1996) illustrates that past experiences can be advantageous when one is venturing into their own business. As such baselinemag. com offers even better options of evaluating other company’s experiences and learning from them. Bayan (2003) contends that there are tools which are quite useful while setting up an effective help desk and in the life of a company executive or business leader, baselinemag. com is one such tool. References Baselinemag. com. (2010). ZiffDavies, Inc. Retrieved on 23rd July 2010, from: www. baselinemag. com Bayan, R. (2004).Try these efficiency strategies when setting up a successful help desk. TechRepublic. Retrieved 23rd July 2010, from http://articles. techrepublic. com. com/5100-10878_11-5112468. html Hoffman, R. (1996). Help is Only a Phone Call Away! How to get good service. The Real World. Retrieved 23rd July 2010, from http://www. animatedsoftware. com/misc/stories/jobs/dbmscntr. htm Lagace, M. (2000). Calling all Managers: How to Build a Better Call Center. Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge. Retrieved on 23rd July 2010, from: http://hbswk. hbs. edu/item/1238. html


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